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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beckler Peak in the clear air

Last Wednesday I drove a little farther than usual for my day hikes, up Highway 2 to Skykomish, much of the way up Stevens Pass. Nine miles off the pavement is the Jennifer Dunn Trailhead, and then it's 2260 ft up and 3.7 mi forward to the summit, first along converted logging road with numerous little creek crossings, up to an old logging platform with wide views to the south and west. The trail enters a parkland of older growth and I climbed eventually into snow that gave way to the final ascent through rotted granite outcroppings and finally the bare rock summit. The cool, still air was particularly clear, allowing especially detailed views along the horizon.

Occasional views to the south as I climbed began to reveal the snowy larger mountains in the distant Alpine Lakes Wilderness where I usually hike.


I walked a quarter-mile or so across a snowfield near the summit, a dirty and hard-packed remnant of winter before the shade gives way to rocky and sunny ground.

The last of the snow.

From the summit at 5028 ft, this view to the north of the Wild Sky Wilderness and beyond to volcano Mt. Baker.

There was so little breeze that I had my breakfast upon the true summit, boiling water for hot chocolate and gazing around and around.

The monochromatic skies were filled with lenticular clouds, here to the east over Stevens Pass.

This was my view to the west, Mt. Index prominent in the background on the right.

Switchback through the parkland below the snow.

And another switchback.

Lots of little streams, chirruping waters.

Here's a collection of video from this hike. Be sure to use full-screen and HD!


  1. I especially like the three little streams photos.

  2. I loved the verbal description of the little streams a "chirruping"---perfect.


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