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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Links and Miscellany – September 25 – AV Edition

Bang On A Can All-Stars perform Steve Reich live at Nantes Cité des Congrès July 26, 2012 (mp3, audience recording) Clapping Music, Cello Counterpoint, Piano Phase / Video Phase, Nagoya Guitars, New York Counterpoint, 2x5 / création française.

The Residents – Eyes Scream (1990) (video) "This irreverent pseudo-documentary about the band The Residents blends comedy with live clips, music videos, interviews and documentary footage. Spanning the years 1972 to 1990, and including clips from the recent album The King and Eye and fragments of the band's 'media mercenary' work, the program romps through established notions of pop culture, the music industry and the nature of musical invention, replacing them with the iconoclastic vision of The Residents. Director: John Sanborn. With: Penn & Teller. Producer: Debbie Lepsinger. Produced by The Cryptic Corporation."

The Residents – Twenty Twisted Questions (1972-1991) (video) "Twenty Twisted Questions is a 1992 Laserdisc by American avant-garde group 'The Residents'. It is a compilation of the band's history up to Freak Show, their then multimedia project."

Laurie Anderson – Aive From Off Center – Episode J (September 1, 1986) (video) "Late Show" from 'Home of the Brave' and "What Do You Mean We?"

From IMDB: "For generations, Mel Blanc was one of the most famous Hollywood voice actors with his myriad of voices for classic animated characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and scores of others. However, animation was only one of the fields where Blanc shone through in his long career. This film covers the life of this amazingly talented and big hearted actor, comedian and musician as he became one of the performing greats from the golden ages of American animation and radio through to the 1980s."


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