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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Building Bridges

No matter how dry or cold it's been, Kincaide Creek continues to flow, which means we need a way to get across it and, if we want to get to the other side with a vehicle but without using the public road, we need a bridge.

We salvaged these timbers from the old boxcar house a friend tore down. We cut them to rough 20' lengths before dragging them home, and then spent a couple of hours over the weekend removing the bulk of the old nails and hardware that might get in the way of their reuse.

Now that the metal is gone, we have a much better idea as to the condition of our future bridge beams, and can start to work up a plan for construction. It would be nice to get two bridges worth of beams out of what we have, but the condition of some of the beams is questionable. I'm not about to dump thhe tractor in the creek, though, so rest assured, the resultant design will be conservative.

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