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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Arrives with a Demonstration

A blizzard blew through on December 20, producing below-zero windchill temperatures and ultimately leaving about six inches of snow. The wind left some exposed areas almost bare, and drifts elsewhere up to six feet high. In the thick of it:

The following evening, after tractor with blade + snowblower + shovel:

A nice blanket of snow for the west garden to sleep beneath:

Fortunately, none of the large drifts formed on the lanes and drives. This is the backyard.

It was a couple of days before the pond completely froze over. Temperatures have remained below freezing since the storm and the ice is now very solid, at least four inches thick.

This snag, a great favorite of the kingfishers and green heron, tipped from the vertical in the storm and has been leaning a little farther toward the dam each day since.

The terraced observatory field:

I found the gnomon on the ground – from the evidence, a deer had become caught in one of the guy ropes and pulled it over. We set a sturdier post that the pole can slip over and it's sturdy enough freestanding to let us set our observation points on the perimeter, then take it down again. We've only Groundhog Day remaining to have a complete year of quarter and cross-quarter day observations.

Hidden Meadow:

The ford at the ruined bridge:

The Creek Trail:

Winter Solstice sunset in flyover country:

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