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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Played Out

I returned to the big brush pile to continue my biochar project, saw some chunks of plate glass exposed in the side of the excavation, and in the process of removing them uncovered another rich vein of, ahem, treasure. So out came the tractor and two days later my trench was a big hole. Dig a little, get down and pull all the junk out, get back up and dig a little more...ad nauseum and nearly infinitum. Now who puts a glass-top range and oven in the burn pile? Truck tires? Whole packages of composite shingles? And an entire house renovation's worth of windows? I confess that my thoughts toward those persons, as I worked in mid-90s degree temperatures, were not wholly charitable.

But eventually I got into good soil all around and knew I was done. Here is the glass and tile that came out.

 And here is all the rest, removed to our general stockpiles area.

Note Alan & Donna's modification to the throttle. The joystick to the right controls the bucket.

And now, after a shower, enjoying a mango-rum concoction that Donna constructed for me, I'm feeling more charitable toward the dumper-burner-buriers that made the mess. A farm has to have a bit of everything, even a landfill. And there is a definite pleasure in operating that grownup Tonka toy. Come for a visit – we'll find a tractor chore for you.

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