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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Incremental Progress

A trip to Menard's and the dock deck is now fitted with a beach umbrella.

The east garden has most of its rabbit fence installed, all but a gate, and both gardens should be protected in another day or two. Effectively? We'll see.

A second rain barrel has been plumbed and with the new stand we'll have enough head to water the top of the west garden.

The front yard is looking fine.

Research continues into U.K. West Country style cider and the special varieties of apple that make them: sweet, bittersweet, sharp, and bittersharp. Typically, a cider is made from a single type of apple and then several ciders are blended to produce a commercial product. Everywhere but the U.S. the term cider means "hard cider" and non-alcoholic cider is just apple juice. Our taste testing of currently available U.S. offerings continues as well, and the big challenge seems to be making a cider that one wants another after the first – most are made from dessert apples and are too sweet for hop-loving craft beer drinkers.

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