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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Diary Entry – 3-5 May 2012

Repaired rain leaks into the house by fabricating and installing flashing where the second story siding meets the first story brick, and with sealant around a vent.

Donna & I saw our first quail, a pair on the lane.

All three of us saw a bobcat this afternoon as it rounded the south corner of the pond and crossed the lane into the woods. Alan and I had never before seen one in the wild.

Deployed an inflatable barn owl simulacrum in the west garden to deter varmints.

Planted two varieties of sunflower, and melon, squash, and cucumber in the west garden.

Changed fluids and filters, greased the little tractor. There are three drain ports just for the front differential – lots to keep track of.

Re-floated the dock.

Lots of mowing.

Donna put out many bedding plants and flowers in colorful arrangements in pots and half-barrels.

Visited death upon the noxious thistle population. With a spade.

Enjoyed several quite energetic electrical storms.

Determined the land beaver probably lives under the barn, after clearing vegetation from around the foundation and discovering a large burrow.

Replanted vegetables in the west garden where seeds failed to emerge.

Collected buckets for the fish migration from hatchery to pond next weekend.

Saw a pair of green heron, and a great blue.

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